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Golfdom: Kelpene for Turf


Golfdom: Performance

PN Announces Kelpene: Help Plants Adapt to Diverse Conditions


Performance Nutrition Announces Kelpene Line of Products That Help Plants Adapt to Diverse Environmental Conditions

Hazlet,

Announcing Stress-fighter Prudent40PLUS

Announcing Stress-fighter Prudent40PLUS

New Product Launch Just in Time for Early Order Programs: Prudent 40PLUS For Improved Stress Tolerance


NutriMaxx: Powered by Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition

Austin Kleiber of Union Co, OH demonstrates why he uses Innova Performance Product’s NutriMaxx foliar fertilizer on read more >>

Mimicking Mother Nature

Guardian Soil Solutions Distributes Sustainable Agriculture Products from Performance Nutrition in Florida

by Alyssa Sanchez

In the winter strawberry capital of the world, farmers in Plant City, Florida, trade conventional read more >>

Performance Nutrition & Project EverGreen Dedicate New Field to Hazlet, NJ Community


May 18, 2017, Hazlet, NJ: Performance Nutrition joined with volunteers from Project EverGreen to dedicate read more >>

New KaPre® RemeD8-WSP to be Introduced at the Golf Industry Show

New KaPre® RemeD8-WSP to be Introduced at the Golf Industry Show

KaPre® RemeD8-WSP water-soluble microbial powder will be introduced as an addition to the KaPre® RemeD8 product line.  An ideal option for customers with storage conditions that can have a negative impact on liquid microbial products.

January 24, 2016, Orlando, FL: At the Golf Industry Show in Orlando next month, Performance Nutrition, a division of LidoChem, Inc. (booth #2071) unveils an addition to the KaPre® product line.  KaPre RemeD8-WSP, like KaPre® RemeD8 liquid, is a microbe delivery system that will provide superintendents with the necessary tool to feed the soil and grow healthier, stress-tolerant turf.  However, unlike its liquid counterpart, KaPre RemeD8-WSP will be more tolerant of high heat and cold temperatures, which are detrimental to all liquid microbial products.KaPre® RemeD8-WSP is easy to use. When applied with its companion product, KaPre® Activ8 Fertilizer Additive, it delivers the same powerful microbes and proprietary food sources as the liquid product. KaPre® Activ8 solution contains the same broth found in the original KaPre RemeD8; however, this new formulation contains a higher concentration of organic nutrients and microbial food sources plus Pennamin amino acids.
KaPre® RemeD8-WSP will be packaged in water-soluble packets that dissolve in water in seconds, while KaPre Activ8 will be packaged in 2.5 gallons.  The applicator simply uses one 2.5 gallon jug of KaPre Activ8 for each 8 ounce packet of KaPre RemeD8-WSP. The microbes become active when added to the tank along with the recommended rate of KaPre® Activ8, resulting in consistent, reliable microbial populations for measurable results.About Performance NutritionLidoChem, Inc.’s Performance Nutrition Division was established in 1999 to develop new “greener” products and technologies for the agricultural and turf markets. The Performance Nutrition product line of patented and proprietary plant nutrients and micronutrients, turf and crop protection products, specialty products is tailored to meet the ever-increasing demand for new and safer crop and turf disease control and nutritional products., (732) 888-8000.

Control Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds with Argosy-RF

Argosy RF - non flammable water-soluble multi purpose adjuvant


LidoChem Performance Soil Treatment Test Results

The Performance Soil Treatment is an effective follow up to aerification.

This video we made during the development stage of read more >>

VIDEO: The Value of Humus in Soil

WORTH WATCHING! The value of humus in soil. Makes a great case for our NutriSmart-B!

Volunteers Create Living History on a Colonial Farm in Monmouth County

One acre of Joseph Murray's land ready to be planted with corn

One acre of Joseph Murray’s land ready to be planted with corn

Monmouth County, New Jersey: The Murray Farmhouse stands proud in Poricy Park, as it has since 1770 when its owner read more >>

Show Us Your Grass!

turf managers

Performance Nutrition Asks Turf Managers to ‘Show Us Your Grass’


In a social media promotion on Twitter & Facebook, read more >>

Video: Argosy-RF Helps Citrus Farmer Reduce Glyphosate Rates & Applications

A one-year trial at a citrus grove in Haines City, Florida, showed a dramatic decrease in the use of glyphosate for weed control—as read more >>

Corn Harvest Update: 275+ Bushel Harvest per acre in Ohio

A farm in Champaign County, Ohio, achieved a 275+ bushel per acre harvest on corn in the fall of 2015, using plant nutrition formulated read more >>

Strategic Fertilizer Program Increases Yields, Efficiency


Strategic Fertilizer Program Increases Yields, Efficiency

In Union County, Ohio, a soybean farmer reports that strategically-timed read more >>

Increase of 5 Bushels Per Acre with Hype

field of soybeans

field of soybeans

Increase of 5 Bushels Per Acre with Hype

Formulated from Performance Nutrition products

In Plain City Ohio, JCW Farms used Hype 3-3-2 read more >>

What's New

Varnimo-IF: OMRI Listed

OMRI Listed

Varnimo-IF OMRI Listed is an innovative microbial in-furrow bio-pesticide that works against read more >>

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