Overuse of weed-killer makes orange trees unhealthy

Your recent “Zap. Take that, citrus greening" article states the usual discouraging statistics: millions of boxes of oranges lost and millions of dollars spent in fruitless research. Using a laser is just another gimmick that does not address the cause of the problem.  What is the cause of citrus greening? …

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Vegetable Grower News: Sustainable FL strawberry farm

  • March 14, 2019
  • Blog

Sustainable agriculture is more than just the new “hip” buzzword. It’s a way of farming that promotes soil health, resists disease pressure, improves water quality and water use efficiency, while at the same time, producing higher fruit quality and yield, and, reduced input costs. This concept was put to task…

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Argosy-RF approved for use with Engenia

Performance Nutrition Announces EPA’s Approval of Argosy-RF for use with Engenia Herbicide Tank Mix Hazlet, NJ, (Thursday, March 14, 2019): Performance Nutrition, a division of LidoChem Inc., based in Hazlet, NJ, announces the company’s innovative adjuvant, Argosy-RF®, has been added to the list of EPA-approved adjuvants for use in tank…

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