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Performance Aerification Treatment

Performance Aerification Treatment®

Fortifies the root zone with humic acids and organic matter and can unlock P and K in the soil and make micronutrients more bio-available for turf uptake.

Performance Soil Treatment

Performance Soil Treatment®

Improves the condition and composition of the soil, enhances microbial populations, improves nutrient efficiency and delivers an arsenal of amino acids, enzymes, sugars and organic substances. Incorporating PST into turf management regimens supports a vigorous ecosystem and enhances conditions that contribute to turf quality and sustainability.

Performance Foliar Treatment

Performance Foliar Treatment®

Safely and efficiently delivers foliar nutrition, micronutrition and disease suppression. Turf treated with the PFT develops highly fibrous and branched root systems, stays greener longer and is more stress tolerant.

Performance Lawn Care Treatment

Performance lawn care Treatment

Delivers foliar nutrition, beneficial microbes as well as stress management with the application of plant extracts and terpenes for healthy soil and lush, greener lawns.

Performance Ornamental Treatment

Performance ornamental Treatment

Deliver nutrition, beneficial microbes and organic supplements designed specifically for ornamental plants, shrubs and trees.

Performance Seed Treatment

Performance seed Treatment

Designed to promote and support thorough and more uniform seed germination and supplement seeds early stage nutrient and micronutrient requirements.

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