Performance Nutrition launches NutriWise biofertilizers

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Performance Nutrition introduced its NutriWise brand, a granular fertilizer and water-soluble powder that will replace the old NutriSmart product line. The new products are available for the agricultural, turf and ornamental markets.

NutriWise will be manufactured in the United States from components produced here. Performance Nutrition VP Wendy Kemmerer said that decision “allows us to provide our customers with a practical alternative for agricultural and turf applications. We felt that the time was right for us to offer a U.S.-made biofertilizer.”

The new core product features an analysis of 5-3-0 with 3 percent humic acids, 1.5 percent Fe and 0.5 percent Zn. It also contains three species of BacillusTrichoderma plus the Saccharomyces that was the core component of the NutriSmart line.

“Adding additional microbial horsepower to NutriWise makes perfect sense as more customers are looking to improve their soils instead of just providing the same old NPK,” Kemmerer said.

Benefits of the new NutriWise granular and WSP formulations include:   

  • Improved nutrient use efficiency and soil fertility
  • Reduced leaching of chemical fertilizers
  • Improved soil environment for beneficial microbes
  • Consistent, uniform, slow release of nitrogen that eliminates growth surges.

“With raw materials and fertilizer prices at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to move to alternative biofertilizers,” said Kemmerer. “They are more economically viable and environmentally sustainable, and provide equal or better performance.”

NutriWise is available exclusively through the Performance Nutrition distribution network. Performance Nutrition is a division of LidoChem.