From Summer Stress to Success:
The Performance Soil Treatment

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As the summer heat fades and fall approaches, turf managers must continue to address the impacts of summer environmental stress as well as the considerable damage caused by months of foot traffic. To aid in the transition to fall temperatures, Performance Nutrition introduces The Performance Soil Treatment® —a trio of solutions designed to systematically revitalize turf to its its prior state of appeal.

KaPre® ExAlt: Enhancing Soil Vitality

Leading the way is KaPre ExAlt — a concentrated Fulvic Acid Solution that works below the surface. After a harsh summer, compacted soil and nutrient imbalances can hinder recovery. KaPre ExAlt increases nutrient availability and fertilizer efficiency. It also addresses soil “crusting,” which aids in seedling emergence and corrects soil sodium levels, ensuring vital micronutrients remain.

KaPre® RemeD8-WSP: Improving Nutrient Usage

Next is KaPre RemeD8-WSP, a water-soluble soil inoculant that optimizes nutrient use. Crucial post summer, applications can strengthen turf and improve recovery from stress. Nutrient absorption is streamlined, laying the foundation for turf rejuvenation.

Pennamin® High-K: Nutrient Replenishment

Completing the trio is Pennamin High-K, a nutrient-rich NPK solution that includes Calcium and Amino Acids. It effectively replenishes turf and fosters growth and root development.

The Performance Soil Treatment® offers a solution for turf managers grappling with the aftermath of summer stress. With its range of solutions, including soil enhancement, nutrient optimization and replenishment, this treatment provides a structured approach to turf rehabilitation. As the summer season transitions to fall, turf managers can rely on this effective solution to quietly operate beneath the surface. Watch as The Performance Soil Treatment facilitates the restoration of turf to its original vitality.