Breaking winter dormancy and accelerating turf growth & quality with Agra-Rouse

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Winter down the Fairway

As winter fades away and the spring season approaches, it is time for turf managers to start preparing their turf for the growing season. One of the most important tasks is to break winter dormancy and stimulate healthy turf growth. This is where Agra-Rouse, a plant hormone solution, comes into play. In this blog post, we will discuss how Agra-Rouse helps turf break winter dormancy and enhances overall turf health and vigor.

What is Agra-Rouse?

Agra-Rouse is a plant hormone solution that contains a blend of cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins. Cytokinins promote cell division and help plants overcome stress. Gibberellins stimulate stem and leaf growth and promote seed germination. Auxins regulate cell elongation and promote root growth. Together, these hormones play a vital role in plant growth and development.

How Agra-Rouse Helps Turf Break Winter Dormancy?

During the winter season, turf grasses go into dormancy to conserve energy and for protection against harsh environmental conditions. As the temperature starts to rise in the spring, turf managers need to break this dormancy and stimulate healthy growth. Agra-Rouse can help with this process in the following ways:

Promote Cell Division: Cytokinins in Agra-Rouse promote cell division, which is critical for turf to break dormancy and start growing again.

Stimulate Growth: Gibberellins in Agra-Rouse stimulate stem and leaf growth, which is essential for the development of new shoots and leaves.

Enhance Root Growth: Auxins in Agra-Rouse promote root growth, which is important for turf to establish a healthy root system and absorb nutrients and water efficiently.

This combination and ratio of hormones helps break winter dormancy and stimulates growth and ensures that turf is healthy going into the start of the Spring season.