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Performance Nutrition® provides an arsenal of turf and agricultural fertilizer products that can be used to address the specific requirements of plants and soil. Performance Nutrition offers a variety of liquids, sprayable water soluble powders, and granular products. This enables custom programs to be developed to suit specific environmental needs.

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4R Nutrient Stewardship represents an innovative approach to fertilize best management practices (BMPs). The 4Rs imply there are four aspects to every fertilizer application and it provides a framework to assess whether a given crop has access to the necessary nutrients. Asking “Was the crop given the right source at the right rate, at the right time, and in the right place?” helps identify opportunities to improve fertilizer efficiency and prevent nutrient movement from each field.

Benefits of using the 4Rs include:

Improving agricultural productivity

  • Optimizing nutrient management is key when dealing with fertilizer and other input price fluctuations, as well as the price of crops
  • Higher Yields have been documented with better crop and soil management

Minimizing the impact to the environment 

  • Adopting nutrient stewardship contributes to the preservation of natural ecosystems by growing more on less land.
  • Retaining nutrients within a field’s boundaries greatly reduces the amount that is not utilized by plants and escapes inot the environment as pollution.

*Content taken from The Fertilizer Institute (https://www.nutrientstewardship.com/4rs/)

Know Your


While most growers know that all plants require varying amounts of the three primary nutrients- Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium, the impact of deficiencies of secondary nutrients and micronutrients can be surprising to even veteran growers. Strange coloration, stunted growth and multiple buds are just a few signs that the soil is lacking in an essential element.


Used most out of the three primary macronutrients, nitrogen is the major constituent in chlorophyll. It affects shoot and root growth, density, color, disease resistance and stress tolerance.

The second most important primary macronutrient, phosphorous is an essential part of photosynthesis and impacts rate of seedling development, maturation and root growth.

Potassium is the third most important primary macronutrient, and typically occurs naturally in the soil. It is essential for cell division, cell electrolyte balance and the functioning of the stomates and influences drought tolerance, cold hardiness and disease resistance.


Buffers the soil pH, making it more alkaline, and is essential for root health, growth of new roots and root hairs and the development of leaves.

Essential for photosynthesis (part of chlorophyll), improves utilization and mobility of phosphorus and acts as an activator of many plant enzymes.

Found in amino acids that make up plant proteins, and activates certain enzyme systems.


Involved in photosynthesis, respiration and the formation of lignin. Regulates cell wall construction and cell growth and division.

Stimulates enzymatic activity, helps chloroplast production and enhances root growth and fruit development. May influence resistance to certain diseases.

Essential for the formation of chlorophyll , photosynthesis and nitrogen metabolism.

Required for the synthesis and functioning of chlorophyll, is involved in the plant hormone system and is a catalyst for auxin.

Aids production of sugar and carbohydrates and in cell division and cell wall formation.

Helps in nitrogen fixation and is required or protein synthesis.

Required for photosynthesis.

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