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KaPre Fertilizer Additives Grow Deeper Roots

KaPre Fertilizer Additives Grow Deeper Roots

A research trial on corn at a farm in Central Pennsylvania in the summer of 2015 showed significant difference when using KaPre read more >>

Krystal Klear Increases Nutrient Uptake in Plants

Research: Krystal Klear Increases Nutrient Uptake in Plants

Research shows that foliar applied Krystal Klear micronutrients (which read more >>

What’s the difference between warm & cool season grasses?

What’s the Difference between Warm & Cool Season Grasses?

by Jim Novak, The Lawn Institute

Landscape professionals, turfgrass

Nutrol aids in disease resistance management

Research finds Nutrol is effective in controlling powdery mildew disease on nectarines. It may be alternated with other products for disease resistance management. Plus, Nutrol is safe for applicators and the environment. Alternation of pesticides reduces the chances of developing resistant strains of pathogens because you are using two modes of action to kill the pathogen. Secondarily, Nutrol is safer for the environment and the applicator. Israeli Researcher Dr. Reuveni found that applications of Nutrol alternated with Myclobutanil con-trolled =&0=&on the leaves of nectarine trees as well as applications of Myclobutanil alone.

Dr. Reuveni found that Nutrol alternated with Myclobutanil controlled powdery read more >>

Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes

Research on Nutrol Fungicide shows significant impact on powdery mildew disease on grapes

Nutrol® Fungicide is ideal for use as

Nutrol for Crop Protection – Farming

Nutrol for Powdery Mildew Crop Protection for Farming

  • Nutrol is the ideal “partner” product for alternation and tank mixing with other EPA registered pesticides.
  • Nutrol, when used in alternation with other labeled fungicides, can prevent the formation of resistant powdery mildew strains.
  • Nutrol is safe for the applicator and the environment.


Gala Apples Research

Research conducted in Israel by

Research Shows NutriSmart Grows Healthier Anjou Pears

Research Shows NutriSmart Grows Healthier Anjou Pears

Research conducted on Anjou Pears NutriSmart eco-fertilizer and soil amendment read more >>

17 Tips for Lawn & Water Conservation

Practical lawn care

Practical lawn care

Lawns and Water Conservation

By Jim Novak – The Lawn Institute

The drought on the west coast and parts of the south west has heightened read more >>

Pennamin grows better tomatoes

Pennamin grows better tomatoes A grower case study conducted on tomatoes at a farm in Yakima, Washington, showed exponential increases in nutrient uptake by tomato plants. The test compared nutrient uptake using Pennamin products that improved overall efficiency of fertilizer applications versus control standard fertilizer applications for a total of 300 lb/acre spread over 2 applications. Source was bone meal & blood meal. Pennamin chelated and complexed micronutrients safely and efficiently deliver foliar micronutrition and non-leaching organic nitrogen. Pennamin products improve the efficiency of fertilizers, support plant vigor and enhance root development.

Full results are shown in the charts below:

Pennamin increases uptake of copper by more than 4,000%

Pennamin increases

Prudent Ready found to increase corn yields

Prudent Ready increases yield on corn

Want to Increase corn yields? Try 2 x 2 applications of Prudent Ready ICBM!

Prudent® Ready fertilizer solutions are formulated

Increased soybean yields with Prudent Ready MB

Prudent Ready Foliar

Research over 7 years shows that using foliar sprays of Prudent Ready MB on soybeans significantly increases crop yield.

Prudent

NutriSmart-B doubles N in Manure on Organic Crops

NutriSmart-B and Manure Chart

In a research trial conducted by a commercial grower in Scottsdale, Arizona, crops treated with manure and NutriSmart-B were read more >>

The Benefits of Turfgrass as a Ground Cover

Benefits of Turfgrass

When it comes to the benefits of turfgrass most people don’t give it much thought. If the read more >>

Increase Effectiveness of Manure for Farming with KaPre ExAlt


Want more nitrogen from manure applications? KaPre ExAlt increases effectiveness of manure with more available N. 

­­­

Increase Corn Yields with 2×2 apps of Prudent Ready ICBM

2x2 Prudent Ready on Corn

Want to increase corn yields? Research shows a significant increase in yields with applications of Prudent Ready ICBM.

Compared

Want to increase crop yields? Add NutriSmart-B

In this trial at the NY Crop Research Facility, the standard Grower Practice (shown on chart as GP) was compared to various read more >>

NutriSmart-B: The law of the Minimum

Is your crop health limited by the least present nutrient in your soil? (Download Brochure Below)


Active kids are healthy kids

Lilli Field Hockey Meme

Active kids are healthy kids. At Performance Nutrition, we make eco-safe fertilizers and turf products so that the fields our read more >>

Eco-safe fertilizers for flowers in the spring

Gigi Dog meme

#12 “Gigi”

At Performance Nutrition, we make eco-safe fertilizers that grow beautiful spring flowers. In the heart read more >>

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NutriMaxx: Powered by Performance Nutrition

Austin Kleiber of Union Co, OH demonstrates why he uses Innova Performance Product’s NutriMaxx foliar fertilizer on read more >>

Hazlet’s Children to Benefit from Sports Field Renovation


HAZLET — Project EverGreen, a nonprofit organization, has launched its Healthy Turf Healthy Kids initiative in order to benefit read more >>

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