VIDEO CASE STUDY: NutriMaxx Green Increases Soybean Yield

CASE STUDY: NutriMaxx Green Increases Soybean Yield October 2015 Soybean Farmer Charlie Troxell of Troxell Farms in South Charleston, Ohio, treated his soybean crop with NutriMaxx Green from Novus Ag (formulated with patented products by Performance Nutrition: KaPre AG, KaPre Embella, KaPre Phonix, Krystal Klear Chelated Micronutrients and Prudent…

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KaPre Fertilizer Additives Grow Deeper Roots

KaPre Fertilizer Additives Grow Deeper Roots A research trial on corn at a farm in Central Pennsylvania in the summer of 2015 showed a significant difference when using KaPre products versus control plant on root development. Products tested were: KaPre AG Patented Seed Treatment & Fertilizer Additive, and KaPre Embella…

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Krystal Klear Increases Nutrient Uptake in Plants

Research: Krystal Klear Increases Nutrient Uptake in Plants Research shows that foliar applied Krystal Klear micronutrients (which uses a patented "dual chelation" system of IDS and EDTA) are taken up by the plant better than straight EDTA chelated minerals. Tests conducted on tomato plants. Significant results in increased uptake of IRON Significant…

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Nutrol Aids in disease resistance management

Research finds Nutrol is effective in controlling powdery mildew disease on nectarines. It may be alternated with other products for disease resistance management. Plus, Nutrol is safe for applicators and the environment. Alternation of pesticides reduces the chances of developing resistant strains of pathogens because you are using two modes…

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Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes

Research on Nutrol Fungicide shows a significant impact on powdery mildew disease on grapes Nutrol® Fungicide is ideal for use as a bio-pesticide, tank buffer, and water-soluble fertilizer. Nutrol® is environmentally friendly, effective and safe to use. For more information on Nutrol, Click Here Nutrol Research Results CLICK ON CHARTS…

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Nutrol for Crop Protection – Farming

Nutrol for Powdery Mildew Crop Protection for Farming Nutrol is the ideal “partner” product for alternation and tank mixing with other EPA registered pesticides. Nutrol, when used in alternation with other labeled fungicides, can prevent the formation of resistant powdery mildew strains. Nutrol is safe for the applicator and the…

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