Nutrol Aids in disease resistance management

Research finds Nutrol is effective in controlling powdery mildew disease on nectarines. It may be alternated with other products for disease resistance management. Plus, Nutrol is safe for applicators and the environment.
Alternation of pesticides reduces the chances of developing resistant strains of pathogens because you are using two modes of action to kill the pathogen.
Secondarily, Nutrol is safer for the environment and the applicator.
Israeli Researcher Dr. Reuveni found that applications of Nutrol alternated with Myclobutanil con-trolled powdery mildew on the leaves of nectarine trees as well as applications of Myclobutanil alone.


Dr. Reuveni found that Nutrol alternated with Myclobutanil controlled powdery mildew on nectarines statistically as well as applications of Myclobutanil alone