Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes

Research on Nutrol Fungicide shows a significant impact on powdery mildew disease on grapes

Nutrol® Fungicide is ideal for use as a bio-pesticide, tank buffer, and water-soluble fertilizer. Nutrol® is environmentally friendly, effective and safe to use. For more information on Nutrol, Click Here

Nutrol Research Results


Nutrol vs. Abound

In Dr. Wayne Wilcox’s trial at Cornel University, Nutrol alternated with Abound provided better powdery mildew suppression as compared with applications of Abound alone.

, Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes


Nutrol vs. Flint

In this trial, Dr. Wayne Wilcox at Cornell University found that applications of Nutrol and Flint gave the best protection from powdery mildew when compared to sulfur or Flint alone.


, Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes


Nutrol on Powdery Mildew

In this study at UC Davis, Dr. W. Doug Gubler found that applications of Abound and Nutrol in alternation virtually eradicated all powdery mildew symptoms.


, Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes


Nutrol with Low Disease Pressure

In this trial, Dr. Reuveni showed that applications of Nutrol gave equivalent control of powdery mildew as Pyrifenox applications on grapes when disease pressure is low.


, Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes


Nutrol Research on Chardonnay Grapes

In Dr. Reuveni’s trial, applications of Nutrol or Nutrol alternated DMI fungicide performed as well against powdery mildew as DMI applications alone.


, Nutrol Fungicide on Grapes