Nutrol for Crop Protection – Farming

Nutrol for Powdery Mildew Crop Protection for Farming

  • Nutrol is the ideal “partner” product for alternation and tank mixing with other EPA registered pesticides.
  • Nutrol, when used in alternation with other labeled fungicides, can prevent the formation of resistant powdery mildew strains.
  • Nutrol is safe for the applicator and the environment.


Gala Apples Research

Research conducted in Israel by Dr. Oded Reuveni found that using Nutrol in a tank mix or in alternation with DMI fungicides provided equivalent powdery mildew suppression as DMI applications alone.

, Nutrol for Crop Protection – Farming

Crop Protection on Apples

Research studies show that Nutrol can be used in alternation or as a tank mix with sterol inhibitors and provide the same level of disease suppression with less hazardous compounds entering the ecosystem.

, Nutrol for Crop Protection – Farming

Nutrol Provides Disease Suppression

This research study conducted at Cornell University by Dr. Wayne Wilcox shows that using Nutrol in alternation with Nova provides equivalent disease suppression using half the total amount of Nova.

, Nutrol for Crop Protection – Farming