VIDEO CASE STUDY: NutriMaxx Green Increases Soybean Yield

CASE STUDY: NutriMaxx Green Increases Soybean Yield

October 2015

Soybean Farmer Charlie Troxell of Troxell Farms in South Charleston, Ohio, treated his soybean crop with NutriMaxx Green from Novus Ag (formulated with patented products by Performance Nutrition: KaPre AG, KaPre Embella, KaPre Phonix, Krystal Klear Chelated Micronutrients and Prudent Ready MB). Results showed increased yields and healthier plants.

Application Details with NutriMaxx Green:

Treated approx.. 300 acres of soybeans with NutriMaxx Green @ 1 gal/ac

NutriMaxx Green was applied with water at the V5 stage. Soybeans were stressed, needed water. Canopy not closed and still had a lot of ground exposure. Treated fields vs. untreated fields, same varieties planted within 2-3 days of each other – treated fields were 3-4 per bushel better yield.

On a field with poor dirt, they applied half with NutriMaxx Green and half was untreated.  Yield checked several areas across the field.  There was a visible difference almost to the line. Treated was 8-9 bushel better yield.

“NutriMaxx Green had payback!”

Prepared by Yvette Fetterly, Novus Ag