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Blended Phytohormone Solution

Agra-RouseTM is a blend of bio-stimulants containing naturally-occurring and synthetic plant growth regulators and plant hormones known to encourage root development and propagation, promote cell division and enhance turf health. The phytohormones work with the plant’s own natural physiology to stimulate root growth and development.

•  Faster seed germination
•  Promotes root development and upward growth
•  Stimulates cell elongation in roots and stems
•  Regulates apical dominance
•  Improved heat, cold and drought tolerance
•  Better disease pressure tolerance

.09% Indole-3-Butyric Acid (IBA) – Auxin
.05% Gibberellins
.05% Cytokinins 

Foliar and Soil: Ornamentals, Trees and Turf:
4 - 8 fl. oz. per acre

Seed Treatment:
1 - 4 fl. oz. per 100 pounds of seed

Transplant and Rooting Solutions, Nursery/Container Use:
1 - 2 fl. oz. per 5 gallons of solution

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