Strategic Fertilizer Program Increases Yields, Efficiency

, Strategic Fertilizer Program Increases Yields, Efficiency
Soybean Field Rows in summer

In Union County, Ohio, a soybean farmer reports that strategically-timed fertilizer applications, based on the Nourish 360 fertilizer program from Novus Ag, increased yields by more than 5 bushels per acre.

“Last year spring of 2014 was rough
for us because of all the water we had early but we had some soybean acres that still had potential. We focused on those acres and intensively managed them with some of Novus Ag’s Innova Performance products such as Hype and Jolt and had excellent results and really pushed our yields,” the farmer reports to  Justin Rivers of Novus Ag.

Novus Ag’s Innova Performance Products are formulated with proprietary products from Performance Nutrition. Hype is a Novus Ag brand name of fertilizer formulated with products from Performance Nutrition that includes: Krystal Klear Agra Mix 111, Krystal Clear Ca, and Krystal Klear Mg. Jolt is a Novus Ag brand name of fertilizer formulated with KaPre PhoNix from Performance Nutrition.

“With the luck we had last year with the Innova Performance products, this year we decided to encompass the Nourish 360 program and used that to help with our fertility budget and developed a plan to maximize our fertility dollars we were spending by incorporating a mix of dry fertilizer, row starter and foliar nutritionals into our fertility program,” he said. “This year we had two different checks on our farm, one we saw a 5.3 bushel advantage using hype with our herbicide pass on soybeans and a 16 bushel advantage using hype early post followed by Jolt and (another fungicide) at R3 on soybeans.”