Research Update – Foliar Apps on Corn

Research Update – Foliar Apps on Corn

Research conducted by Novus Ag at the Milford Center Performance Plot in Ohio, shows substantial yield increases with foliar apps from Innova Performance products. In the test on corn, a variety of Innova Performance Product Foliars were sprayed in this plot. Overall results:

The corn was sprayed at V4. Yield results were analyzed by a reputable third party.

Innova Performance products are formulated from proprietary products from Performance Nutrition:

Hype: a 3-3-2 with Krystal Klear Agra Mix, Krystal Klear Ca and Krystal Klear Mg along with Incite and PhoNix

Tango: an N,P,K with Krystal Klear micronutrients from Performance Nutrition

Nutrimaxx Gold: Contains Performance Nutrition’s Krystal Klear® micronutrients, KaPre® fertilizer additives, Prudent® 44 phosphite fertilizer and proprietary organic substances

Impressive yield results!

Source: Justin Rivers, Novus Ag