Proven Path to HLB Recovery

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Proven Path
to HLB Recovery

The repetitive angst expressed by Citrus growers across south and central Florida about the prospect of losing their multi-generational family groves has been the impetus for developing an easy-to-use PERFORMANCE Citrus Greening Recovery Program.

Refrains like that of Bob Ellen, a citrus grower from Dade City who said “I tried everything under the sun without success until I used this program. I doubted that by merely changing agronomic practices I could produce citrus again. However, these trees are proof that it really works.”

Soil health is the key to building healthy trees. Healthy trees are more resistant to Citrus Greening and have the ability to ward off psyllid infestations. “The replicated results across the Citrus growing regions has been very rewarding to see,” said John Flynn, Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Performance Nutrition®. “It’s very rewarding to help struggling grove owners stay in the business they love.”

Flynn added that the Performance Nutrition team is in the midst of a trial in Vero Beach with Unlimited Citrus who was able to stock his roadside fruit stand with fruit this year for the first time in 5 years. Eric Barkwell said, “I’m amazed to see the uniform size of the fruit and no fruit drop in the 10-acre plot.

The trees bloom only once and at the right time. Our customers were delighted with our juicy Grapefruit.”

The program is easy to implement. There are eight simple guidelines to follow that create healthy growing conditions using patented and proprietary eco-friendly products like NutriSmart®-SB soil inoculant, Krystal Klear® chelated micronutrient solutions, Prudent® RX, Pennamin® amino acids, etc.

agricultural citrus growve rows aerial

“I couldn’t be growing Citrus without the products from Performance Nutrition,” said Brad Turner of Lithia.  “Performance Nutrition understands the biological side of growing healthy trees and producing superior fruit.” Turner added, “Their team looks at the whole ecosystem’s roles in production – soil and tree fertility, dual-chelated minerals, and diverse populations of microbes. The living part of the soil is feeding the tree, so the plant is healthy and bears fruit. Healthy soil makes healthy trees.”

Another grower from Central Florida added, “We’ve seen a consistent gradual response in our trees. Every month they look better. The color is improved, and the leaf size and shape are good,” said David Garrett.  “Based on the last two years, I think if anybody is serious about staying in this citrus business, they should give Performance Nutrition a try. The products seem to be superior to any other products I’ve used.”

To find out more about the patented PERFORMANCE Citrus Recovery Program contact John Flynn at