Performance Aerification Treatment (PAT)

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Performance Aerification Treatment, The Performance Aerification Treatment

About The Treatment

The Performance Aerification Treatment® (PAT) fortifies the root zone with enriched permanent and semi-permanent Eco-stationsTM and soil amendments.  Performance® Eco-stationsTM release organic nitrogen and organic extracts that unlock P and K in the soil and make micronutrients more bio-available for turf uptake. Performance Eco-stations also absorb plant nutrients, micronutrients and organic compounds whenever soil applications are made; re-charging and releasing beneficial compounds all season long.

Treatment Benefits

  • Improves Nutrient-Use Efficiency by supplementing or replacing up to 50% of soil-applied NPKs.
  • Improves Water-Use Efficiency by increasing the water-holding capacity of the soil, keeping moisture in the root zone longer.
  • Improves soil structure to help water movement and facilitates gas exchange within the root zone.
  • Adds organic matter where it is needed to supply carbon to living organisms.
  • Increases root mass for enhanced nutrient uptake.

Product Options:


Soil Inoculant

For the replacement of 25 – 50% of nitrogen applications and the addition of humic substances.

For use as an aerification amendment: Broadcast 4.5 – 8.0 lb. per 1,000 ft2 (200 – 350 lb. per acre) and drag into holes. Top-dress as normal and irrigate.
For use with conventional and organic fertilizers: Replace 20 – 50% of soil applied granular NPK with an equal amount by weight of NutriWise.


Plant Compost

For improved C.E.C., soil structure and water holding capacity.

Organic amendment (alternative to peat) for sand based root zone mixes: To meet USGA guidelines, blend Ormanica with sand at a 95:5 to 90:10 ratio of Ormanica:sand for the desired root zone mix.
Green and Tee Renovation and Construction: Add 5% Ormanica by volume to topdressing sand or broadcast after aerification at topdressing rate.

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