Corn Harvest Update: 275+ Bushel Harvest per acre in Ohio

A farm in Champaign County, Ohio, achieved a 275+ bushel per acre harvest on corn in the fall of 2015, using plant nutrition formulated from Performance Nutrition products, and following the Novus Ag Nourish 360 platform for feeding the plant through the entire growing season.

Indications of a healthy corn crop included:

Optimal harvest yield: 275+ bushels per acre

Strong root system: a hearty root mass, bright color with abundant root hairs

Green plant and leaf at harvest: The Plant Health provided by the nutritionals and fungicide keep the corn healthy and continuing to produce photosynthesis which adds to yield and test weight right up to harvest.  And even though the leaf tissue was still green, the corn dried down to 18% at harvest.  (Which is very good and most people would think that green leaves at harvest would make it wetter)

Nutritional Applications:


Innova 6-24-6

ChixMix (formulated from Performance Nutrition’s KaPre AG, Krystal Klear Crop Mix 2)

V Stage Foliar Application

Innova 6-24-6

KaPre Spectra

Krystal Klear Agra Mix III


Tassel Application

Headline AMP

Chrome (formulated from KaPre PhoNix)