Dade City…… After being at wits end to try to save his family’s 85-year legacy of growing citrus, Bobby Ellen tried the PERFORMANCE Citrus Greening Recovery Program® on his six acre grove of Valencia oranges. When Citrus Greening hit his grove, he lost 1,300 25-year-old trees and he was afraid he was never going to be able to grow fruit again.

Just seven months after starting the program, he is pleased to show off his ni, CITRUS GREENING RECOVERY PROGRAM IN ACTIONne-year old trees full of uniformed size fruit, with heathy leaves, reduced insect populations and without any fruit drop.

“I tried everything under the sun without success until I used this program,” Ellen said. “I doubted that by merely changing agronomic practices I could produce citrus again, however, these trees are proof that it really works. The program is easy to implement. Just follow the simple eights guidelines that creates healthy growing conditions using patented and proprietary eco-friendly products. If I had a question, the answer was just one phone call away.”

Ellen’s harvest is set for January 2020 and he expects to get a good harvest this year.

The PERFORMANCE Citrus Greening Recovery Program has been implemented in various regions of Florida and the Caribbean with replicated results over the last five years. The underlying principle of the program is to remediate soil contaminants, and, replenish and restore the needed microbial communities, micronutrients, and organic compounds to bring trees back to health and productivity.

“It gives us great pleasure to help get growers back in the citrus business and be part of the state’s overall effort to restore citrus as the signature agricultural crop in the state,” said John Flynn of Performance Nutrition. “I like to help people like Bobby get his life’s work and his passion for the land restored.”

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