Argosy-RF approved for use with Engenia

Performance Nutrition Announces EPA’s Approval of Argosy-RF for use with Engenia Herbicide Tank Mix

Engenia, Argosy-RF approved for use with EngeniaHazlet, NJ, (Thursday, March 14, 2019): Performance Nutrition, a division of LidoChem Inc., based in Hazlet, NJ, announces the company’s innovative adjuvant, Argosy-RF®, has been added to the list of EPA-approved adjuvants for use in tank mix with BASF’s Engenia® herbicide. Engenia is widely used for Dicamba-tolerant soybeans and corn. Argosy-RF adjuvant is a rain-fast, elastic, spreader/sticker, and penetrant.

Argosy-RF helps hold Engenia herbicides on the target and out of the soil’s ecosystem. A rain-fast, spreader/sticker, Argosy-RF may make Engenia work better and reduce costly re-sprays. Encapsulating the herbicide, Argosy RF keeps it on the target even through rain events and irrigation. Argosy RF facilitates uniform foliar distribution of the active ingredient.

“We are thrilled to announce this approval and new application for Argosy-RF.  The purpose of Argosy RF as an adjuvant, sticker/spreader is to help growers gain better outcomes and improved results, ” said Don Pucillo, President of LidoChem, Inc.

About Performance Nutrition

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