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In response to Shawn Emerson’s treatment of the 2012 Charles Schwab Cup Championships

Shawn made six, bi- weekly applications of 16 ounces of KaPre® ExAlt, 0.5 gallons of KaPre® Germin8, and 4 pounds of Nutrol® per acre. The results from the use of Performance Nutrition®’s products exceeded Shawn’s expectations and he felt his aforementioned goal was accomplished.

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“….the course is magnificent. I’m sure you’ve heard that from a lot of players. The fairways are like carpets.”

“It’s a great golf course, wonderful layout and in really, really good condition.”

Steve used Z.ONE T&O 250 at a rate of 250 pounds per acre and raked it into the sand under the sod when the built a tee complex

“The turf rooted down in a couple of days which was 3 or 4 days quicker than an area we left as a control. There was no shrinkage around the edges of the sod and it held great color. Altogether very happy with the way the product performed. Since the renovation, despite high temps and irrigation system challenges the tee has held up extremely well.”

“When I had stressed turf, my sales representative recommended KaPre® RemeD8; I have also used their Vibrant® products and KaPre® ExAlt.”

While Steve has tried other similar products on the market, he decided to try the some of the Performance Nutrition products as they are easy to apply, have beneficial amino acids and are more affordable. He is on a regular program with Pennamin® High K and LidoChem Inc.’s Chelated Iron and Manganese product. He applies them, usually together, about every 7 – 10 days.

“I plan on continuing to use LidoChem’s Performance Nutrition products as they have a lot of great formulations and they are easy to use. They use the best resources to give us the best products. I am excited to see what they have coming next.”

“I used the same products on my bentgrass Tees and Fairways as previous years except I replaced another phosphite product with Prudent 44. The results are very good. With out adding any fertility products there is always a little green up and the Bentgrass looks great in between sprays. On the A1/A4 greens I started with Prudent 44 early in the spring and have had great quality and root depth all season.”

In 2010 the entire course was renovated and rebuilt. This included some very unique greens construction with elevation changes of 2 to 3 feet. Just one year later, Sam began observing problems in the health and growth of the greens. Sam was introduced to the Performance Soil Treatment by the local Performance Nutrition sales rep and began regularly applying KaPre® RemeD8, KaPre® ExAlt and Pennamin® products.

“I noticed my greens getting better and better and I had not made any other changes in my management regimen. There is now 100% turf coverage and the members are happy.”

Due to the geographic location of the course and the high drought area it is in, managing salt is a constant obstacle.

“During the winter months, average rainfall is about 3 inches if we are lucky so salt accumulates on the greens and you can even see crystals forming if you don’t manage it.”

Over the years Jack tried a variety of techniques, including gypsum applications, to manage the winter buildup of salts on his greens. About 18 months ago Jack tried Kapre® ExAlt on his greens and really noticed a difference. Jack applies Kapre® ExAlt at 32 ounces/acre for the first 3 or 4 applications in the spring and then cuts that to the 16 ounces/acre rate every 2 to 3 weeks through the rest of the season. He alternates weekly applications with Pennamin® High K at 2 pounds/acre making the nutrients more available. Jack has noticed a big difference in the look and play of the turf.

“My greens are better, remarkably better. I get comments now about how good the greens are.”

With 2011-2012 being the warmest winter in years, disease issues in the area are prevalent. Reed began using KaPre® RemeD8 every two weeks at 2 gal/acre. Reed knows things are in check and hasn’t seen an “outbreak” on his course. Reed began using the PST- Performance Soil Treatment™, combining KaPre® RemeD8, KaPre® ExAlt and Pennamin® High K. In addition Reed uses a combo of Prudent® 44 and Nutrol® and he is amazed that he has not seen any sign of Fairy Ring or fungal activity.

“I have not had to make any of the emergency “high dollar” fungicidal applications that are normal this time of year as the plants are just healthier with the PST program.”

Reed stated

“I also saved on my fertility products as well- the soil is in better condition to grow healthier turf.”

Two years ago after Reed began using Vibrant® products, which includes patented Krystal Klear® micronutrients he had a soil test done.

“The results came back and the analyst had no recommendations to give, he was surprised as everything was in check, my soil condition was all in balance.”

Over the years Joel used foliar programs incorporating NutraMaxx® and more recently Florantine® products. About two seasons ago, Joel was looking for a change as he wasn’t totally happy with his program

“It didn’t seem that the benefit of the program was lasting more than 4 -5 days.”

Joel started using Vibrant® Green in the spring and fall and Vibrant® Red in the summer. He also uses Krystal Klear® Turf Mix every two weeks from May to September. In addition he uses the Pennamin® High K product for his calcium application and applies Prudent® 44 every two weeks with his fungicide throughout the season.

“Last year I started to see better overall turf health and playability; the ball rolls nice and smooth on the green. Aesthetically the color and conditions of the greens are nice without a lot of extra growth. I don’t have the localized dry spots that I had in the years before using Performance Nutrition®’s products. In addition, Performance Nutrition®’s products last as long as they say they will, where other products seemed to wear off too soon.”

A few years ago, Rick did some Performance Nutrition® product trials on 9 of his greens.

“There was an overall improvement on disease control and nematode pressure, without me having to spray fungicides.”

Over the past two seasons, Rick has implemented Performance Nutrition®’s PST- Performance Soil Treatment™ on his course which includes a bi monthly application of KaPre® ExAlt, KaPre® RemeD8 and Pennamin® High K. He continues to see good results and an overall decrease in disease pressure on his greens. In addition to the products in the PST, Rick uses Prudent® 44, Nutrol®, Vibrant® Green and Krystal Klear® ResQ.

“I’m very pleased with the performance of the products and the look of the course.”

“We have enjoyed working with the Performance Nutrition® products for almost a year as they have shown to give very positive results with our Tiff Eagle Greens. Specifically, KaPre® ExAlt, Prudent® 44, Nutrol®, Krystal Klear® Res Q, and Vibrant® Green have proven to give a better more consistent color and as well as excellent turf health. We have received good technical support from the Performance Nutrition® technical team to address specific issues we face here at Olde Hickory on a daily basis. I would recommend all of these products to anyone who works with professional grade turf who is looking for dependable products, cost effective applications as well as excellent technical support.”

Idyllic Golf Course Hole Scene with beautiful turfgrass
John Stach
Golf Course Superintendent at Olde Hickory Golf and Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida

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