Citrus Greening Recovery

Citrus greening is a condition that causes citrus trees to drop their fruit before harvest and eventually kills the tree. The Performance Nutrition Citrus Greening Recovery Program™ combines patented foliar nutrients and organic compounds, along with soil applications of patented humate-rich NutriSmart-B® soil inoculant, which help citrus groves recover and begin to produce fruit again.

CASE STUDY, HAINES CITY, FL: Citrus Greening Recovery Program Returns
Once-Infected Grove to Productivity, Recovery Confirmed at DNA level

CASE STUDY, MARTIN COUNTY, FL: Protocol That Includes NutriSmart-B
Recovers Martin County Grove from Citrus Greening

Read Performance Citrus Greening Recovery Program Protocol

VIDEO: Rehabilitation of Huanglongbing (Candidatus liberibacter) Infected Citrus Groves By Changes in Cultural Practices and Tree Nutrient Acquisition

Frank Dean, production manager, LidoChem., Inc.,  Hazlet, NJ and Craig Ramsey, USDA-APHIS, Fort Collins, CO


Citrus Greening Recovery — A Florida Farmer’s Story


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