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About The Program

The Performance Citrus Management Program addresses the causes of citrus tree problems by revitalizing soil microbes, virtually eliminating the soil-borne fungal pathogen Colletotrichum acutatum known to cause Postbloom Fruit Drop (PFD), while restoring nutrients & micronutrients, and replenishing the organic compounds that optimize the tree’s natural defense. The program creates healthy growing conditions using patented and proprietary eco-friendly products like NutriSmart® soil inoculants, Argosy® RF rain-fast adjuvant, Krystal Klear® chelated micronutrient solutions, Prudent® RX specialty fertilizer, Pennamin® amino acids and Kelpene® plant extracts.

Program Benefits

  • Remediates the soil, improving the root structure and balancing the soil’s microbial activity 
  • Increases the bioavailability of macro- and micro-nutrients in the soil
  • Replenishes critical organic compounds that optimize the tree’s natural defense
  • Easy-to-Implement
  • Cost effective solution

“I have hands-on experience implementing the Performance Citrus Management Program managing the agronomic activities in the grove in Vero Beach. It’s nothing short of amazing to see the success and transformation at Unlimited Citrus’s grove. The grapefruit are in nice clusters with virtually no fruit drop and trees that I took for unsalvageable now have green uniform leaves and are producing sweet fruit.”

~ Brad Turner – Citrus Grower, Plant City, FL 

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