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About NutriSmart-B

NutriSmart®-B is a patented, environmentally friendly granular soil inoculant and humate soil amendment that fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere, solubilizes phosphate and unlocks potassium from the soil.
NutriSmart-B is suitable for certified organic farms. SGN sizes of 150-350

How Does NutriSmart-B Work?

  • NutriSmart elicit higher populations of native N-fixing microbes
  • The yeast contained in NutriSmart form a symbiotic community of mutually interdependent, nutrient-releasing microbes
  • When the yeast are signaled by the plant that it requires nutrients, NutriSmart initiate the conversion and delivery process

NutriSmart-B Supplies Nutrients By:

  • Nitrogen fixation – microbial conversion of nitrogen into available forms
  • NitriSmart yeast have shown higher N-fixing ability than common free-living N-fixing microbes
  • Microbial solubilization of phosphate into soluble forms of phosphorus
  • Unlocking potassium in the soil into exchangeable potassium
  • Solubilizing silicon and trace minerals for better plant uptake

Plant Benefits

  • Provide consistent, uniform slow-release of nitrogen
  • Eliminate growth surges – nitrogen is released gradually throughout the plant’s growth cycle, which results in precise feeding that lasts up to 4 months
  • Improve plant growth, quality and yield – International and U.S. commercial use and trials have demonstrated equivalent or better performance with NutriSmart-B applications vs. conventional fertilizer programs

Soil & Environmental Benefits

  • Improve the Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE) of chemical fertilizers blended with NutriSmart-B. Can effectively replace up to 20-50% of soil applied fertilizer
  • Improve soil fertility
  • Reduce the leaching of chemical fertilizers
  • Increases soil organic matter
  • Improve the soil environment for beneficial microbes

Application Instructions

For use with conventional and high quality organic granular fertilizers:

  • Replace 20 - 50% of soil applied granular NPK with an equal amount by weight of NutriSmart.
  • Apply as normal and follow same application method and schedule as normal fertility program.

For use with manures:

  • Replace 20 - 50% of manure with the following recommended rates:
  • Slow growing or low nutrient demand crops (rice, etc.) - 200 to 350 pounds per acre
  • Fast growing or high nutrient demand crops (fruits, vegetables, trees, etc.) - 400 to 900 pounds per acre
  • Apply as normal and follow same application method and schedule as normal fertility program.

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