NutriMaxx: Powered By Performance Nutrition (Video)

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Austin Kleiber of Union Co, Ohio demonstrates why he uses Innova Performance Product’s NutriMaxx foliar fertilizer on his alfalfa.

Kleiber explains why he integrates NutriMaxx into his farming practice, applying after every cutting, resulting in vigorous growth, larger leaves, and more frequent mows.

NutriMaxx, a complete product from Innova, is powered by Performance Nutrition containing a powerful blend of NPK, Performance Nutrition Soil Amendments and Fertilizer Additives: Krystal Klear dual-chelated micronutrients; Incite Phytohormones; Prudent 42 Urea Phosphite; KaPre PhonixKaPre Embella; and sugar for a quick boost of energy.

“NutriMaxx™, was ddeveloped to give young growing plants what they need to be healthy and productive during critical developmental stages. Plants that are non-stressed, healthy, and well- fed have a greater chance of reaching their full genetic potential. NutriMaxx provides the plant with a baclance of nutrients and biologicals for better nutrient uptake. It also give the plant sugar for energy plus bio-stimulants for leaf expansion and stress releif.”

– Innova Performance Products

, NutriMaxx: Powered By Performance Nutrition (Video)

NutriMaxx Foliar Nutrition increases leaf size, and therefore more yield for harvest. With fertilizer application, growers can look to harvest a week earlier, leading to one more cutting, again increasing tonnage off the field in one year. The product allows the grower to develop healthy plants and overcome micronutrient deficiencies. Innova’s Fertilizer is designed for use on corn, wheat, soybeans, and alfalfa. Best results are seen when applied during key growth periods.

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