Argosy-RF Helps Citrus Farmer Reduce Glyphosate Rates & Applications (Video)

A one-year trial at a citrus grove in Haines City, Florida, showed a dramatic decrease in the use of glyphosate for weed control—as much as an 80% reduction—simply by adding Argosy-RF, an elastic polymer adjuvant from Performance Nutrition, to the farm’s tank mix.

David Garrett has been farming citrus in Polk County for 45 years. He conducted the trial at his grove for the past two years. “I treated this grove twice last year as opposed to like four or five times before by just adding Argosy to my glyphosate,” Garrett said. “I’ve cut the rate of my glyphosate in half with the addition of Argosy.”

With the reduced rates and fewer applications, Garrett reduced his overall glyphosate usage by about 80%.

Argosy-RF is an environmentally safe polymer adjuvant designed to keep chemical applications on the plant and weed longer. Argosy-RF helps to reduce the rate of chemical pesticides and increases the interval between sprayings. This saves time and money. How it does this is, it’s rain-fast and it’s elastic. Argosy-RF keeps the active ingredient on the target, even through irrigation and rain events. It also stretches as the plants or weeds grow, and every time it’s moistened, it redistributes active ingredients on the target, including the new growth. Argosy-RF is completely inert, so it’s safe for the applicator and safe for the environment.

By adding Argosy-RF to his glyphosate herbicide application, Garrett achieved excellent weed control with fewer chemical applications.

“It takes longer for the weeds to die but they die almost completely. You don’t have many escapes,” Garrett said.