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Argosy® RF

Rain-Fast Polymer Adjuvant

Argosy® RF water-soluble, environmentally safe polymer matrix encapsulates the active ingredient in a pesticide keeping it on the leaf even through rain events and irrigation. When tank mixed, Argosy RF reduces drift, enhances wetting and adhesion, and, facilitates uniform foliar distribution of the pesticide. This reduces or eliminates re-sprays due to rain events and allows longer intervals between applications, saving time and money as well as increases the P.U.E. (Pesticide Use Efficiency®) of applied chemistries.

When sprayed on the leaf surface, Argosy RF enhances the adhesion of spray droplets to the leaf. Argosy RF also keeps the pesticide on the leaf surface even when irrigation or rainfall occurs, extending the life of chemical applications.

When combined with a pesticide, Argosy RF encourages uniform coverage of the product across the leaf allowing the active ingredient to be better absorbed by the plant.

The revolutionary elastic nature of Argosy RF allows the material to stretch as the plant leaf grows, keeping the application of the pesticide on the plant longer. This means fewer applications and longer efficacy.

Argosy RF is a retention agent. It binds with water, keeping moisture on a targeted substrate longer, and, accelerates recovery from drought conditions.

Apply 1 pint to 1 gallon per 100 gallons of solution (as a 0.125 – 1.35 % solution) to enhance wetting and adhesion and to provide protection against phytotoxicity.

See product label for complete directions for use.

Approved for use with Engenia as an adjuvant!

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