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“We’ve seen a gradual response… every month or so they look better. The color is improved, the leaf size – they have a lot of normal leaves on them” “Based on the last two years, I think if anybody is serious about staying in this citrus business, they should give Performance Nutrition a try. The products seem to be superior to any other products I’ve used.”
"While the Monsanto/Constantine division’s average overall yield ended up being 7% over target, this grower’s average yield was 22+% above the division average. Considering the challenging growing conditions we had this summer these are excellent results. This grower has been using the Advanced Ag row support and foliar program recommendations for many years. While many factors always come into play in determining the final outcome on any given year, our client is confident the Advanced Ag programs has helped him achieve these kind of results."
"I have been using Prudent Ready ICBM and KaPre AG for a few years and my blueberry plants are well established, vigorous and more productive than ever before. I won't use anything else on my blueberries. Why mess with success?"
"I felt like the emergence of the soybean and the way they came on after planting really shined."
*on using Krystal Klear Agra Mix III and KaPre AG, formulated with Performance Nutrition products on soybean.
“Whole field versus whole field non-treated – we saw anywhere from a 3-4 bushel advantage with NutriMaxx Green. On a farm that we split, a very tough, rolling farm [where] water damage was significant, we saw anywhere from an 8-9 bushel difference*... the investment more than paid for itself.”
Note: *NutriMaxx Green is formulated with Performance Nutrition products.

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