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NutriSmart Eco-Fertilizer Humate Granules Package

Patented OMRI Listed
Granular Soil Inoculant & Eco-Fertilizer

NutriSmart®-B is a patented, environmentally friendly granular soil inoculant and humate soil amendment that fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere, solubilizes phosphate and unlocks potassium and silica from the soil.

Application Instructions

Turf and Ornamentals:
  1. For use as an Aerification Amendment: On golf course greens, tees and fairways, commercial & residential lawns and sports turf:
  • Aerify surface to be treated.
  • Broadcast 5 to 10 lbs of NutriSmart B per 1,000 ft2.
  • Drag NutriSmart B into holes.
  • Top dress as normal.
Note: Apply NutriSmart B at each aerification.
  1. For use with conventional and organic fertilizers:
  • Replace 20 – 30% of soil applied granular NPK with an equal amount by weight of NutriSmart B.
  • Apply as normal and follow same application method and schedule as normal fertility program.

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