Ormanica Plant Compost Soil Amendment Package

Premium Plant Compost Soil Amendment

Ormanica® (1% N, 0.3% P2O5 and 0.7% K2O) is an all natural, low odor, non-compacting refined premium plant compost manufactured with a proprietary process that utilizes earthworms, vegetable matter, agricultural grade mulch and beneficial bacteria. This process generates easy-to-apply uniform small particles. Their small size and large surface area allows them to break down rapidly and release its stored nutrients easily.



  • More cost effective than peat and richer in nutrients than compost produced by other methods
  • Fully composted, eliminating the need for sterilization. Contains no animal waste
  • Rich in microbial life, which diversifies the soil microbial community
  • Improves and sustains soil physical properties
  • Enhances the availability of plant nutrients – increases CEC
  • Increases the water holding capacity of root zone mixes reducing irrigation frequency and improving stress tolerance.
  • Accelerates root initiation, establishment and development.
  • Enhances germination, plant growth and crop yield
  • Provides faster turf establishment and green-up


Organic amendment for sand mixes (re-seeding, over-seeding, divot-mixes, green sand, greens construction) as well as direct application to lawns, fairways and sports turf:

Soil Preparation: Incorporate Ormanica depending on soil type.

Sandy Soil – 75 – 100 lb. per 1,000 ft2 of bed

Clay Loam Soil – 50 – 75 lb. per 1,000 ft2 of bed

Silt, Clay Loam Soil – 25 – 50 lb. per 1,000 ft2 of bed

Renovation of compacted turf in conjunction with aerificationfor greens, tees, around soccer goalmouths and on sports fields:  Add 5% Ormanica by volume to topdressing sand or broadcast after aerification at the topdressing rate.

Top-dressing: Add Ormanica at a rate of 10-12 lb. per 1,000 ft2 (435-525 lb./acre) in the fall and spring as a top-dressing for golf, sports turf and lawns.

Seeding, re-seeding and over-seeding: Use as a mulch on top of seed. Apply Ormanica at a rate of 10-25 lb. per 1,000 ft2 (435-1,085 lb./acre) over the entire area to be seeded.

Divot mixes, green sand, etc.: Blend 50-150 lb.Ormanica with 1 ton of sand.

Organic amendment (alternative to peat) for sand based root zone mixes: To meet USGA guidelines, blend Ormanica with sand at a 95:5 to 90:10 ratio of Ormanica:sand for the desired root zone mix.

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