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KaPre® ExAlt is a safe and effective tool to un-lock soil-bound nutrients, improve Nutrient Use Efficiency and balance soil micronutrients. 

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KaPre® Embella promotes beneficial microbial activity. It feeds the microbes that enhance the breakdown of nutrients to make them more available to the plant. 

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KaPre® AlgaMar is a fermented seaweed product formulated through a proprietary technology that preserves naturally occurring compounds such as auxins, cytokinins, amino acids, oligosaccharides and essential trace elements. All of these components result in plants with greener turf and increased tolerance to environmental stresses.

, KaPre Specialty Products

Fertilizer Solution with Sea Kelp + Amino Acids

KaPre® Kelp Plus is a concentrated liquid fertilizer containing sea kelp in addition to an array of seventeen (18) water-soluble free L-amino acids.

, KaPre Specialty Products

0-0-29 Potassium acetate

KaPre® K29 is a unique source of potassium, having superior foliar absorption over traditional forms of potassium. Potassium acetate is a more desirable choice for foliar fertilization because of its small molecular size and the plant’s natural affinity for organic acids.

, KaPre Specialty Products


KaPre® Spectra is a concentrated fulvic acid blend containing a broad range of fulvic acid molecules. KaPre Spectra can improve fertilizer performance when added to starter or foliar fertilizer applications. 

, KaPre Specialty Products

CONCENTRATED Water soluble Fertilizer Blend

KaPre® Tree & Flower Mix WSP is a concentrated, long-lasting blend of fish hydrolysate, amino acids, humic acid, sea kelp and mycorrhizae, specifically designed to be easily absorbed and to support and maintain healthy and productive trees. KaPre Tree & Flower MixWSP is rich in protein, enzymes, oils and trace elements, and, has a fresh fish scent, unlike fish emulsions.

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