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The Performance Ecosystem Management® Program (PEMP) is a pro-active, comprehensive system for turf management that is safe, effective, easy-to-use and simple to manage. The Performance Ecosystem Management® Program consists of our patented Performance Treatments, each of which targets specific components of an ecosystem:

  • Soil
  • Turf Nutrition and Micronutrition
  • Microbial Populations
  • Water & Soil Solutions

Each Performance® Treatment corrects conditions that negatively impact the ecosystem, and, enhances conditions that favor vigorous, more stress resistant and sustainable turf.

With continued use, the Performance® Treatments will balance plant nutrition and micronutrition, support healthy populations of diverse microorganisms, and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, Performance® Treatments improve availability and uptake of soil nutrients, increase levels of soil organic matter, enhance the soil’s water-holding capacity, build thick, deep roots and maintain healthy, stress-resistant turf.

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