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Krystal Klear® micronutrient solutions are produced using a patented “dual-chelation” system for optimal performance. Krystal Klear micronutrient solutions have excellent tank-mix compatibilities, provide quick uptake of micronutrients, and deliver a sustained response.


Krystal Klear® Fe

4% Chelated Fe

Quickly corrects iron deficiencies

Maintenance Applications:

Apply at a rate of 0.75 – 2 oz. per 1,000 ft2 each spray. Begin applications in the spring on a 14 to 21 day interval.

Krystal Klear® Turf Mix

Chelated 3% Fe, 1% Mn, 0.25% B, 0.25% Cu & 0.25% Zn solution

Provides turf with a balanced chelated micronutrient package

Helps support photosynthesis

Maintenance Application:  Apply 0.75 – 2 oz. per 1,000 ft2 every 2 weeks.

Moderate Deficiency:  Apply 2 – 3 oz. per 1,000 ft2 every 2 weeks.

Severe Deficiency:  Apply 4 oz. per 1,000 ft2 every 2 weeks.

Krystal Klear® ResQ

8-0-2 solution with chelated 2% Fe, 0.5% Mg, 0.5% Mn, 0.25% B, 0.25% Cu, 0.25% Zn plus kelp

Provides a complete micronutrient package with wthe additional benefits of sea kelp and other proprietary ingredients that increase tolerance to drought and stress

Turf Applications:  Apply 3 – 6 oz. per 1,000 ft2 every 7 to 14 days throughout the season. Trees, Shrubs and Ornamentals Applications:  Apply 1  gal. of Krystal Klear® ResQ per 100 gal. of spray solution.  Apply as needed throughout the season.


Krystal Klear® B

5% complexed boron solution

Complexed boron for quick corrections of boron deficiency.  Boron is essential for optimal root and tissue levels.

Krystal Klear® Cu

5% chelated copper solution

Quickly corrects copper deficiencies.  Copper is essential for turf growth and the activation of many enzymes.

Krystal Klear® Mn

5% chelated manganese solution

Quickly corrects manganese deficiencies.  Manganese activates enzymes required for amino acid production.

Krystal Klear® Zn

9% chelated zinc solution

Quickly corrects zinc deficiencies.  Zinc controls the synthesis of indoleacetic acid, which regulates plant growth.

Read the Label: Don’t be fooled by products with trade names that sound as if they contain only chelated or complexed micronutrients. All Krystal Klear® micronutrients, except boron, which is complexed, are completely chelated.

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