Rain-Fast Polymer Adjuvant

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About Argosy RF

Argosy® RF is a rain-fast, environmentally safe spreader/sticker that makes pesticides work better and virtually eliminates re-sprays.  It encapsulates pesticides keeping them on the target even through rain events and irrigation. Since Argosy RF is amphoteric, it can react with both acids and bases.  When tank mixed, Argosy RF enhances wetting and adhesion, as well as facilitates uniform foliar distribution of the active ingredient.


Application Instructions

Apply 1 pint to 1 gallon per 100 gallons of solution (as a 0.125 – 1.35 % solution) to enhance wetting and adhesion and to provide protection against phytotoxicity.

See product label for complete directions for use.

Approved for use with Engenia as an adjuvant!


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