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Organic Rain-Fast Polymer Adjuvant

Argosy®-O is a polymer adjuvant, which when placed into solution with water and mixed with appropriate agricultural chemicals, enhances adhesion, wetting, and facilitates distribution with ambient moisture, thereby increasing protection during plant growth. Argosy-O reduces or eliminates re-sprays due to rain events and allows longer intervals between applications, saving time and money. Argosy-O should be applied with the first and all subsequent sprays.

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Patented Soil Inoculant

NutriSmart®-B is a patented, environmentally friendly granular soil inoculant and humate soil amendment that fixes nitrogen from the atmosphere, solubilizes phosphate and unlocks potassium and silica from the soil.

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MICROBIAL Soil Inoculant

The microorganisms contained in KaPre AG® WSP-O have been shown to increase nutrient availability, enhance nutrient cycling, as well as, improve soil structure and support root development.

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Liquid Humate

KaPre® ProHuma is rich in humic acids and complex organic molecules, which provide a slow-release source of carbon. Unlike many humic derived from leonardite, which are often contaminated with heavy metals, KaPre ProHuma is an extract derived from fossilized plant matter.

KaPre ProHuma improves soil texture and water holding capacity, improves soil structure and texture (increasing aggregation and water infiltration), helps break down soil primary minerals, provides an environment and a stimulus for microbial activity and serves as a natural chelator.

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Liquid Fish Hydrolysate

JustFischen® liquid fish hydrolysate is produced through a specialized, cold-process enzymatic digestion of fresh water fish (rainbow trout). There are no chemicals used in this process, resulting in a 100% natural, liquefied fish, with none of the beneficial oils and proteins removed.

It is a rich source of natural protein and mineral nutrients for both plants and soil microbes. Just Fischen has a fresh fish scent, unlike the offensive odor of fish emulsions.

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Plant Compost Soil Amendment

Ormanica® Plant Compost (1% N, 0.3% P2O5 and 0.7% K2O) is an all natural, low odor, non-compacting refined premium plant compost. It is manufactured with a proprietary process that utilizes earthworms, vegetable matter, agricultural grade mulch and beneficial bacteria. This process generates easy-to-apply, uniform small particles. The small particle size combined with a large surface area delivers a product that breaks down rapidly and releases stored nutrients easily.

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Premium Earthworm Extract

Ormanic® Castings are mother nature’s purest form of slow release natural organic plant food that is produced by earthworms. Derived from a proprietary process, Ormanic Castings are raised in a controlled vermiculture feeding process resulting in a consistent, bio-diverse, living organic fertilizer and conditioner. It is safe to use on everything that grows: no human, animal or food wastes are used in the process. Ormanic Castings pose no risks to the end user.

, OMRI Listed AG

Liquid Worm Casting Extract

Ormanic® XTRAKT premium low-salt organic fertilizer is derived exclusively from earthworm castings, and, is rich in a proprietary blend of soil microbes and mycorrhizae that rejuvenate the soil and support healthy plants. Our worms are raised indoors in a climate-controlled environment and fed a consistent diet free of animal and yard waste, assuring consistent quality all season long.

Ormanic XTRAKT is safe and easy to use for both soil and foliar applications – the low salt formulation will not burn or damage plants. In addition, it is free of pathogens, and, produced without any animal or yard waste.


Organic Liquid Sea Kelp

Black Sea Kelp 1-1-10 organic liquid sea kelp is derived from sustainably farmed seaweed that is rich in potassium, trace minerals and naturally occurring phytohormones.

Black Sea Kelp nourishes plants and soil microbes with organic carbon, strengthens cell walls with potassium, fortifies plants with naturally-occurring phyto-hormones, chelates micronutrients with mannitol (a natural sugar) into forms that are readily available for plant uptake and stimulates root growth and beneficial microbe activity, allowing plants to absorb nutrients more efficiently.


Mycorrhizal Inoculum

MicroBac® is a concentrated suspension of fungi that provides support for over-worked or stressed soils (i.e. soils affected by drought stress, heavy equipment compaction, chemical runoff) as well as soils depleted by intensive growing, erosion and weathering.

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