LidoChem Wins Long Standing Court Case

For Immediate Release
March 28, 2014
GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Stoller Enterprises, Inc., Jerry Stoller and David Alexander were found guilty of violating the Lanham Act by intentionally spreading falsehoods about LidoChem, Inc. and its Performance Nutrition products and tortuously interfering with business relationships by a jury trial in the United States District Court Western District of Michigan Southern Division (Case Number: 1:09-CV-204) presided by the Honorable Robert J. Jonker earlier this week. The jury awarded LidoChem, Inc. $12 million in damages.

“We are pleased that our good name and reputation have been cleared with the ruling in this case that goes back several years” said Don J. Pucillo, president of LidoChem, Inc. “We are eager to serve our valued agricultural customers throughout the region.”

LidoChem, Inc. was represented at trial by the Howard Law Group.

About LidoChem, Inc.
LidoChem, Inc., through its Performance Nutrition division (, supplies patented fertilizers, chelated micronutrients, soil amendments and related products to growers nationwide. LidoChem, Inc. was established in 1981 and is based in Hazlet, NJ.

Contact Information
Don Pucillo
LidoChem, Inc.

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