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KaPre® Phonix

Patented Fertilizer Solution

KaPre® PhoNix patented potassium fertilizer solution is intended for use as a foliar or soil applied supplement to a good fertility program. KaPre PhoNix is formulated with LidoQuest® IDS-40 bio-degradable chelating agent and organic compounds for improved plant uptake. KaPre PhoNix helps build tolerance against physical and mechanical injury and environmental stresses such as drought stress, water stress, heat stress, etc.

•  Promotes plant growth by enhancing carbon fixation, particularly in plants that fix carbon via the C3 pathway
•  Increases plant turgidity
•  Promotes rapid growth and maturing
•  Increases sugar content
•  Reduces the watering requirement of the plant
•  Enhances environmental tolerance of the plant
•  Promotes growth in tissues of either juvenile or mature plants

Active Ingredients

Soluble Potash (K2O).........................................................20%
Derived from potassium hydroxide

KaPre PhoNix can be applied as a foliar or soil application to all crops.

Applications should be made prior to a “stressful event” or at planting (if applicable) and then every 10 to 14 days throughout the growing season, as needed.

KaPre PhoNix should be diluted at a ratio of 400 parts spray solution to 1 part KaPre PhoNix. See table for application rates for different volumes of spray solution.

Fertilizer Additive Instructions:
Mix with other fertilizer components so that the final fertilizer solution delivers KaPre PhoNix at the rates per volume of fertilizer solution listed in chart.

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