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About KaPre AG-WSP

The microorganisms contained in KaPre® AG-WSP have been shown to increase nutrient availability, enhance nutrient cycling, as well as, improve soil structure and support root development.

KaPre AG-WSP Microbes Are:

  • Durable and Sustainable: All are spore formers, which can survive adverse conditions such as heat, cold, low/high pH, etc.

  • Rhizosphere competent: All were sourced from the soil, so they can thrive in soil.

  • Quality Assured: All are professionally fermented, identified through DNA analysis and backed by Certificate of Analyses documenting cfu/ gram counts.

  • Prolific Enzyme Producers: Together,  they produce a wide range of beneficial enzymes and bio-active compounds that offer a number of plant health benefits.

What to Expects From KaPre AG-WSP

  • A more vigorous soil ecosystem
  • Higher Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C.)
  • Enhanced root development, germination rates and stress tolerance
  • Faster nitrification process for better uptake of nitrogen
  • Nitrogen fixation to supplement applied nitrogen
  • Enhances stress tolerance
  • Quicker recovery from pathogen attack
  • Prevention of excessive hydrophobic organic matter
  • And much more

Application Instructions

Soil and Foliar Applications:
Add 0.15 to 1.0 ounce of KaPre AG-WSP per gallon of spray solution to a clean spray tank. Agitate solution and maintain agitation during application. Apply at planting and every 2-4 weeks during the growing season.

Active Ingredients

5.3 X 109 cfu Bacillus amyloliquefaciens per gram
2.4 X 109 cfu Bacillus licheniformis per gram
1.1 X 109 cfu Bacillus megaterium per gram
4.5 X 109 cfu Bacillus subtilis per gram

Inactive Ingredients

Sucrose based culture medium


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