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Pennamin Amino Acids Sprayable Powder Pouch

Patented Amino Acid Sprayable Powders

Pennamin® chelated and complexed micronutrients safely and efficiently deliver foliar micronutrition and non-leaching organic nitrogen. Pennamin products improve the efficiency of fertilizers, support crop vigor, enhance root development and improve stress tolerance.

All Pennamin products contain a blend of 18 free L-amino acids and biodegradable LidoQuest IDS-40.

The Pennamin Amino Acid Advantage

  • Pennamin products are readily absorbed by plant foliage.
  • Pennamin products help chelate soil micronutrients, making them more available.
  • Pennamin products have a low C:N ratio (6:1), which assures that the organic nitrogen is utilized by plants.
  • Pennamin minerals are custom blended with enough amino acids to complex metals.
  • Pennamin products are a great source of high quality carbon.

Choose the Right Pennamin Product to Suit Specific Crop Needs



Total Amino Acid %

Pennamin® Driver-P



Pennamin® High-K

6-0-15 with 9% Ca


Pennamin® Perfect-K

8-0-9 with 5% Ca with 2% Mg, 0.1% Fe, 0.05% Cu, 0.05% Mn, 0.05% Zn and 0.02% B


Pennamin® Ca

7-0-0 with 14% Ca


Pennamin® Ca&Mg

8-0-0 with 8% Ca and 8% Mg


Pennamin® Fe&Mn

9-0-0 with 4% Fe & 3% Mn


Pennamin® Mg

10-0-0 with 12% Mg


Pennamin® Si*

10-0-0 with 4% Si


Application Instructions

Pennamin Ca, Ca&Mg, Driver-P, Fe&Mn, High K, Mg, Perfect K

Apply 1 – 5 lb. per acre 
Apply every 14 to 28 days as needed throughout the growing season. 

Pennamin Si

Apply 0.5 – 2.5 lb. per acre 
Apply every 14 to 28 days as needed throughout the growing season.

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