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Prudent Products are Unique!

  • Contain one of the highest percentages of PO3 of any phosphite fertilizer
  • Formulated with very little water allowing the PO3 to remain stable in the jug; won’t convert to PO4 the way potassium phosphites can
  • Can be used at  much lower rates per acre than most phosphite fertilizers, making them more economical and effective
  • Contain a surfactant for improved spreading and nutrient uptake
  • Can be used in combination with Nutrol, an EPA registered fungicide for effective control of soil borne and foliar diseases


Urea phosphite is a eutectic because it contains two solids – urea and phosphorus acid – that form a liquid eutectic composition. This allows for a high concentration of phosphorus acid to be solubilized without the addition of water.

benefits of Prudent products

  • Improve plant strength and ability to tolerate unfavorable environmental conditions
  • Increase integrity of plant cell walls, improving plant strength and resistance
  • Improve ability to absorb water and nutrients
  • Stimulate key pathways in the plant, which produce compounds responsible for defending the plant against environmental stress
  • Keep un-chelated metals stable in solution
  • Reduce scale build-up in spray tanks and other equipment
Application Instructions for Prudent 42cw and Prudent 40 Plus (See product label for specific crop instructions)
Tree and Fruit Crops: Apply 1 to 4 pints per acre per application.
Foliar Applications: Prudent 42CW, Prudent 44 and Prudent 40 PLUS may be applied with all types of ground spraying equipment or by air.  DO NOT exceed a rate of 1 ounce of product per gallon of water when using less than 20 gallons of solution per acre.

Patented Phosphite Products:

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