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Kelpene CSW Jug Liquid Fertilizer

Plant Extract Solution

Kelpene® CSW applications have been shown to support plant health, improve nutrient uptake, encourage robust root development and increase yields.

Plants become more resilient and adaptive to periods of environmental stress, such as high heat, intense sunlight, shade, un-expected cold, drought, salinity, anaerobic conditions and water stress, etc.


Kelpene CSW is a blend of sea kelp extracts, and, plant extracts, primarily terpenes, derived via a unique proprietary extraction process. Kelpene CSW plant extracts are derived from plants that have thrived in diverse environmental conditions.


  • Establish environmental adaptability
  • Improve stress management
  • Increase plant resilience
  • Higher yields
  • Increase root mass and root tips
  • Improve nutrient uptake
  • Enhance tissue responsiveness
  • Elevate Nutrient Use Efficiency
  • Enable better allocation of plant energy
  • Nourish plants and soil microbes with organic carbon
  • Fortify plants with naturally-occurring phyto-hormones
  • Improve uptake of calcium

Application Instructions

Field Crops: Soil apply 10 ounces Kelpene CSW per acre in-furrow. Foliar apply 5 to 10 ounces per acre as soon as possible after emergence and then again in 30 – 45 days.

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