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Bio-Pesticide- Water-Soluble PK Fertilizer - Tank Buffer

Nutrol® is a biopesticide effective against powdery mildew, a true tank buffer that can prevent alkaline hydrolysis and a highly concentrated, yet very gentle, water soluble PK fertilizer.

Nutrol, when used with any Prudent® fertilizer, can also control soil borne and foliar pathogens.


  • Bio-pesticide labeled for use to control and eradicate powdery mildew and other soil-borne and foliar diseases
  • Prevents the formation of resistant strains of powdery mildew when used in alternation with other labeled fungicides


  • Ensures optimal performance by preventing alkaline hydrolysis, which is the breakdown of pesticides by alkaline pH
  • True buffer and can maintain the pH of tank solutions (The pH of a 1% aqueous solution of Nutrol in distilled water is 4.5 +/- 0.3)


  • Highly concentrated, water-soluble fertilizer containing over 50% P2O5 and 32% K2O
  • Safe to use, has the lowest salt index of any fertilizer and will not cause phytotoxicity even at high concentrations
  • Suitable for foliar, soil and drip irrigation applications

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