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Argosy® products are rain-fast, environmentally safe spreaders/stickers that make pesticides work better and virtually eliminate re-sprays. They encapsulate pesticides keeping them on the target even through rain events and irrigation. Since Argosy products are amphoteric, they can react with both acids and bases. When tank mixed, Argosy products enhance wetting and adhesion, as well as facilitate uniform foliar distribution of the active ingredient.

Benefits of Argosy Products


When sprayed on the leaf surface, Argosy products enhance the adhesion of spray droplets to the leaf. It also keeps the pesticide on the leaf surface longer even when irrigation or rainfall occurs, extending the life of chemical applications. This means fewer applications and longer efficacy, which ELIMINATES RE-SPRAYS


When combined with a pesticide, Argosy products encourage uniform coverage of the product across the leaf allowing the active ingredient to be better absorbed by the plant.


The revolutionary elastic nature of Argosy products allows the material to stretch as the plant leaf grows, protecting new growth.


Argosy products are retention agents. They have the ability to bind with water, which keeps moisture on a targeted substrate longer, keeps moisture in the plant longer and helps plants recover from drought conditions more quickly.


Argosy RF forms heavier, larger drops that reach the target wet and holds it there. Trials have shown that up to 100% of applied aerial applications hit their target.

Argosy with Fertilizer

Water settled on plant leaf

Fertilizer Alone

Plant leaves

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