Performance Nutrition

LidoChem, Inc., a family owned business, established the Performance Nutrition Division in 1999 to develop and market earth-friendly, people-friendly and applicator-friendly crop, turf and ornamental fertility and disease control products and programs.

Today, Performance Nutrition’s Agro (agricultural industry) product lines include:

  • Agra RouseTM and InciteTM Phytohormones
  • Argosy® RF Adjuvant
  • KaPre® Soil Amendments, Soil Surfactants and Fertilizer Additives
  • Krystal Klear® Patented Chelated Micronutrients Solutions
  • LidoQuest® Liquid Micronutrients and Water Soluble Blends
  • NutriSmart® Patented Eco-Fertilizer
  • Pennamin® Amino Acid Micronutrients
  • Prudent® Patented Phosphite Fertilizers
  • Vibrant® Premium Foliar Fertilizers
  • Nutrol® Fungicide, Tank Buffer and Water-Soluble Fertilizer
  • Z.One® Patented Eco-Stations

The Performance Nutrition family of products are backed by a technical staff which includes a PhD. microbiologist, a plant pathologist and a geologist dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products of value.

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