LidoChem Inc.’s Performance Nutrition Division’s Mission is:

To develop & market economical, effective and “greener” products & programs for crop, turf and ornamental fertility and disease control;

To utilize the available natural resources to provide nutrition for plants and soil microbes;

To amend and correct “stressors” that inhibit plant performance and vitality;

To respect, support and maximize the contribution of each component of the natural ecosystem;

To minimize the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides through ecosystem management, and,

To deliver value to our customers each time, every time.

What's New

Hazlet’s Children to Benefit from Sports Field Renovation


HAZLET — Project EverGreen, a nonprofit organization, has launched its Healthy Turf Healthy Kids initiative in order to benefit read more >>

Project Evergreen Volunteers Rehabilitate a Bruised Athletic Field


Total Landscape Care, October 31, 2016: 

Hazlet-based LidoChem donated athletic turfgrass seed mix and its organic NutriSmart-B read more >>

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