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LidoChem, Inc. has been involved in the global identification of reliable and superior chemical raw materials since 1981. Today, LidoChem, Inc. distributes products to specialty fertilizer and industrial accounts nation-wide through its Performance Nutrition Fertilizers and Chemical Raw Material Divisions.

LidoChem, Inc. is a family owned business staffed with expertise in US Customs matters, inventory management, distribution and logistics, sales and marketing, regulatory compliance and customer service. As a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors and an active participant in the Responsible Distribution Process, LidoChem’s customers and suppliers are assured of high safety and quality control.

In 1999, LidoChem established its Performance Nutrition Division with a mission to identify and develop new products and technologies for the agricultural and turf markets. The Performance Nutrition product line of agricultural and commercial grade turf performance products is tailored to meet the ever-increasing demand for newer and safer disease control and nutritional products. The common theme amongst the product lines is delivering great performance while contributing to a sustainable growing environment. The Performance Nutrition family of products is backed by a technical staff, which includes a Ph.D. Microbiologist.

The Performance Nutrition division has assembled an ever expanding array of unique and powerful bio-pesticides, patented chelated micronutrient solutions, specialty performance fertilizers, lawn fertilizers, turf fertilizers, soil amendments and surfactants that are not only unique and highly effective but environmentally and applicator friendly. Performance Nutrition products are sold throughout North America by local dealers familiar with local growing practices and issues.

Today, Performance Nutrition product lines include KaPre® soil amendments and surfactants, Pennamin® water-soluble amino acid products, Nutrol® fungicide, tank buffer & water-soluble fertilizer, Prudent® patented phosphite fertilizers, Vibrant® premium foliar fertilizers, Krystal Klear® chelated micronutrient solutions and others. A patented microbial fungicide, nematicide and PGR will be added to the list of Performance Nutrition products upon completion of the E.P.A. registration process, anticipated for the fall of 2016.

These patented products are used together in patented Performance® Treatments, which address the critical parameters of healthy ecosystems. Performance Treatments are available for aerification, seeds, soil and foliar nutrition. Custom programs can also be developed to deliver season-long fertility and pest management

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Varnimo-IF: OMRI Listed

OMRI Listed

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