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Welcome to Performance Nutrition

You care about healthy plants, productive soil, high yields and lush lawns. At Performance Nutrition, that’s what we care about, too.

Our goal is to assist you in optimizing the results you achieve on your farm or landscape with a full range of products designed for your success. Performance Nutrition provides highly efficient, environmentally friendly & applicator safe programs and products that help farmers grow stronger crops & increase yields; and enable landscape and turf managers to produce healthier turf and ornamentals.

A Focus on Farming

For our agricultural customers, Performance Nutrition develops products that optimize your acreage and help your farm flourish. A full catalog of fertilizers, fertilizer additives, crop protection products, fungicides, and soil amendments increase yields and produce healthier crops. Performance Nutrition is an industry leader in specialty products enriched with beneficial microorganisms that drive soil health. Our programs focus on ecosystem management that keeps your farm producing season after season.

A Talent for Turf

For our turf & ornamental customers, Performance Nutrition formulates products that develop deep roots and produce lush turf for use on golf courses, sports fields and lawns. Our micronutrients, fertilizers, soil amendments and fungicides protect your turf & ornaments with eco-safe ingredients and beneficial microorganisms scientifically proven to foster healthy soils and robust plants.

Staffed by Scientists, Farmers and Turf Professionals

Our highly trained technical staff is backed by a PhD. microbiologist, a plant pathologist and a geologist dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products of value. Let our expertise help you to succeed. Contact Performance Nutrition today!

Performance Nutrition is a division of LidoChem, Inc., providing solutions since 1981.

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What's New

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