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LidoChem, Inc., a family owned business, established the Performance Nutrition Division in 1999 to develop, market and distribute earth-friendly, people-friendly and applicator-friendly crop, turf and ornamental fertility, soil amending and disease control fertilizer products and programs.

Trusted Supplier of Turf, Lawn and Agricultural Fertilizer Products

Today Performance Nutrition turf and lawn fertilizer, agricultural and turf management product lines include KaPre Soil Amendments, Soil Surfactants, amino acid and nutritional products, Nutrol fungicide, tank buffer & water-soluble fertilizer, Prudent patent-pending phosphite fertilizers, Vibrant premium foliar fertilizers, Pennamin water-soluble amino acid chelating agents, chelated micronutrients and microbial population boosters, and others.

The Performance Nutrition family of agricultural products are backed by a technical staff which includes a PhD. microbiologist, a plant pathologist and a geologist dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products of value.

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Environmentally Sound Technologies from Performance Nutrition (PDF)


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